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QRunchCodes is an easy-to-use, free app that links information to real-world items.
This makes the information easily retrievable where & when you need it.
Create a QRunchCode and assign a name to the item.
Print & Affix your QRunchCode to the item, for easy access to the data later.
Traditional QR Codes link to a single piece of information or URL.
QRunchCodes can store an unlimited amount of text and/or URLs.
All text items and URL links are re-displayed with a single scan using the camera on your mobile device.

The original creator of a QRunchCodes for a product might contain:

Manufacturer Name
Retailer Name
Retailer Contact Info
Link to PDF-Installation Instructions
Link to PDF-User Manuals
Link to PDF-User Warranty
Link to PDF-Template
Link to PDF-Product Sales Brochure
Link to PDF-Parts List

These Links can be to public websites or resources made publicly available via tools like DropBox and Evernote.

Video Links:
Whats in the box
How to Prep
How to Install
How to Configure & Manage

If a QRunchCode is flagged as "Public" anyone can read it for free.
Creating a new QRunchCode requires 1 token.
1 QRunchCode is also consumed if you want add your own data to public or shared QRunchCodes.
Either way only 1 token is consumed for unlimited text items and URL links.
You get 3 tokens for free, and you can purchase more within the app on the Settings screen.

The End-User of a QRunchCode has the ability to Scan & view the Items, as well as Add their own data and/or links.
For example - Implementation Details (e.g. IP Address), Install Date and Record Upgrades, Installs and Maintenance.

Attach a QRunchCode to your business card for an updateable link to sales brochures.

Create customer-specific QRunchCodes with links to PDFs (e.g. Insurance Policies).

Email CCs allow you to automatically forward new QRunchCodes to other accounts such as Evernote.